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Southern States Bully Rescue

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Southern States Bully Rescue is a Florida Non-Profit Incorporation that strives to be a saving grace for 'bully type breeds' throughout the Southern States. Our efforts are based out of the state of Florida but expand to Louisiana, Alabama and Georgia. We are a foster based Rescue, meaning all of our dogs are entrusted to foster families that devote their time to saving and rehabilitating them. Many of the dogs that come through the rescue come from horrific beginnings of abuse and neglect. We are a bully breed rescue so the vast majority of the dogs coming into the rescue are Pit Bull, American Bulldog, Bull Terrier, American Bully, English Bulldog, Staffordshire Terrier or French Bulldog MIXES. Unfortunately along with rescuing the most unwanted breed comes the challenges that make them the unwanted; our rescue differs from others in many ways: a lot of our dogs require professional training to rehabilitate them from their previous lives, at times extensive & life saving medical treatment. Bullies being a highly discriminated breed (we work to change perception on the breed everyday!), we also face challenges and extra precautions when placing our pups; ensuring adopters own their homes, don't have breed regulations and understand the importance of not only being their adopted dog's safety net but because our goal is to build a better reputation for the breed, make sure their adopted dog does nothing but make the breed a better name!

We are a small but mighty organization. Run by primarily three people and a group of dedicated fosters, adopters, donors and volunteers who believe in our mission as much as we do. If trying to reach us, please be patient as we all work full time jobs as well as have dogs of our own in addition to running the rescue.

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